Andrea (Italian Translator)
It's been a pleasure to work with them. The two project managers I've worked with are very nice to talk (write) to.

Andreia (Portuguese translator)
About the notes, it is always great to receive this kind of comments in order to improve my work!!

Annabelle (French translator)
Thanks for the feedback, it's very useful.

Anne-Marie (French Translator)
Very professional people. Would work again for them anytime.

Claire (French Translator)
Serious agency. The projects are very interesting and Nina is really supportive.

Dominique (French translator)
Through all the ups and downs of this project you are the best PM I have worked with in a very long time.

Elizabeth (English Translator)
Localsoft, particularly Nina, is the simply best agency I have ever worked with; they are supportive, friendly, patient, professionals.

Fernando (Spanish Translator)
I have done many projects for them. They are professional and pleasant to work with. As Luca pointed out they pay on time and are very friendly and supportive.

Gayle (English Translator)
Very professional, prompt payment, reasonable deadlines and payment. Excellent support and project management.

Grégory (French translator)
Thank you so much for the detailed feedback. You are the only company willing to send this valuable information (even if asked for it!).

Jeff (English Translator)
Payment within agreed-upon time period, friendly project managers, overall a pleasant experience.

Luca (Italian Translator)
Done many projects and always paid on time. Very friendly and supportive.

Mirella (Italian Translator)
Great agency, with interesting projects and friendly staff. Dealing with Nina is always a pleasure - she's kind and supportive and gives lots of feedback and praise.

Rebecca (English Translator)
Most excellent! Great communication!

Renata (Brazilian translator)
I really enjoy working with you, who seems to be very well-organised, unlike some project managers I have to work with!

Sandra (Spanish Translator)
Localsoft΄s people are the best in Spain to work with!

Szymon (Polish Translator)
Very professional, reasonable rates and deadlines, friendly people.