Translation Services

Localsoft translates all manner of printed or visual material such as manuals, catalogs, tenders, letters, documents, pamphlets, software applications such as on-screen text and on-line help, websites, and so on. We translate text to and from 150 languages, adapting the resulting product to its intended culture and market.

Localsoft works with more than 3,000 highly qualified translators worldwide. Each of our professional, native-speaking translators has at least 5 years of work experience. We work with specialists in a wide range of fields including: business, information technology, legal, medical, technical, and telecommunications. All of Localsoft's translators work only in their native language, no matter what their particular area of expertise is.

Localsoft will pair your project with a translator who specializes in its subject matter. Our translator will translate and proof your project before it is returned to us. To guarantee a flawless translation, your project is proofed a second time by one of Localsoft's proofreaders before it is returned to you.