Languages are complicated and the cultural references reflected in them are unique to individual bodies of speakers. Even in the case of “common” languages, spelling, usage, vocabulary, and pronunciation have diverged in different places. The Spanish spoken in Spain is not the same as the Spanish spoken throughout Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. There are substantial differences in terminology and lexis between one Spanish-speaking country and another. Even the so-called universal language, English, is spoken across the globe, but never the same way twice. It is often said that, "England and the United States are separated by a common language!"  Nothing could be truer!

The process of tailoring a product to a particular market with accurate linguistics and relevant cultural references is called localization. The desired result of localization is to make a document, product or service acceptable to the target audience while maintaining product integrity and the desired corporate image.

Localsoft is sensitive to differences between and within languages, and has first hand-knowledge of cultural preferences from country to country. Localsoft offers our expertise to guide your company past linguistic and socio-cultural pitfalls to produce a fully integrated localization of your product or service. We localize the words, sounds, graphics, etc. to ensure the success of your project.