DTP Process

Localsoft’s desktop publishing services supply you with a one-stop solution for your foreign language publishing needs. Localsoft translates your text into the required languages and flow’s the text into your layout.

Once your text has been fully translated and checked by our proofreaders, the text is flowed, usually paragraph by paragraph, into your preferred DTP program. Our native language proofreader’s work side by side with our DTP experts to adapt the text to the available space provided in your original, source language layout. This involves summarizing and re-writing certain portions of the text to allow for proper text flow in the translated versions.

Once the translated text flows into your original layout, our proofreaders re-read the entire document checking for possible typos, improper hyphenations, fonts and accent mark issues that they might have skipped during the previous stages. The end result is fully translated material in the required languages, respecting your original layout, ready for your publishing needs.