Randall Mage, founder and General Manager of Localsoft, started as a freelance translator in 1988. By 1994, Randall had localized more than 3 million words for the Spanish market, including telephony, engineering, legal and IT texts. Randall was a visionary and a pioneer in the field of localization before that term became widely used in the industry. The localization company he established eventually evolved into Localsoft, which continues to produce the highest quality localizations available.

Randall localized more than 3 million words for the Spanish market including manuals, software text, scripts, documentaries, TV interviews, contracts and promotional material. In 1988, on one of his first assignments, Randall was in charge of setting up and coordinating the NBA’s McDonalds Basketball Open translation team in Madrid, which was made up of 18 translators and interpreters. Translator’s responsibilities varied from organizing the security with the NBA and local authorities, coordinating worldwide TV broadcasting, translating for the media and interpreting for the NBA Commissioner Mr. David Stern.

During this period we produced translations and localizations for: NBA, TVE, Hewlet Packard, Telefónica, PanAm and LucasFilm, as well as for many other companies.

We worked on many new projects, including the DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) standards for the Spanish territory, texts for ATMs, television interviews, computer software, videogame localizations, power station tenders, contracts and business presentations.

During this period we produced translations and localizations for: Walter Thompson, Coca-Cola, DeBeers, Banco Santander, AEG and Electronic Arts to name just a few.

Localsoft was incorporated. Our list of services increased, as did our list of languages. We completed large localizations in record time (1 million words in 1 month) expanding our capacity to meet the rising demand for localization services.

During this period we produced translations and localizations for many businesses, including: Continental Airlines, Siemens, Toshiba, Discovery Channel, Nintendo, AirTouch and many others.

Localsoft created the necessary infrastructure to work on large, simultaneous multilingual projects. We are currently set up to produce from 1 to 3 million words a month. We work in PC and Mac environments and provide complete localizations including testing and quality assurance. Our staff is highly trained and we work exclusively with experienced, native-speaking translators and proofreaders.

During this period we produced translations and localizations for: GE Energy, Philips Medical Systems, AVANZIT, Philip Morris, Midway Games, Sheraton and a long list of satisfied customers.

2005 and Beyond
Localsoft makes a major move to improve office space and working conditions. We are permanently located in Málaga (Andalucía) on the Mediterranean in the south of Spain. With its influx of foreigners and its highly trained expat community, Málaga offers the necessary conditions to promote our growth and assure our usual high quality output.

The Future
The number of nations within the European Union has risen from 15 to 25. The number of official languages within the expanded EU community has jumped from 11 to 20. This puts an increased demand on companies doing business within the EU to accommodate their marketing strategies to be inclusive of all EU member nations.

The number of European Internet users in 2005 is estimated to be equal to or slightly greater than the number of users in the US. As a result of EU expansion, this number will rise significantly. Of all these new and potential European Internet users, less than 25% speak English. Companies must provide customer-friendly products, services, support, and websites aimed at reaching the largest possible audience within the EU to tap into this enormous market.

China continues to evolve, becoming more of a market-based, consumer-driven society. Business opportunities will flourish. With over a billion potential customers, this market is ripe for the picking but only if language barriers and cultural biases can be overcome.

Localsoft is geared up and ready to meet these challenges!  We can help any corporation reach markets worldwide, including newly opened markets within the EU and in China. We can help develop and maintain a multilingual presence on the Internet by localizing website content. We can assist any corporation in providing customer-centric communications as well as fully localized products and services.

Localsoft is constantly upgrading and refining our capabilities to satisfy the ever- changing needs of our clients the world over. We are bound to excellence. We are dedicated to service. We are committed to quality. Localsoft pledges to remain on the cutting-edge of the localization business as we head forward into the new millennium. Localsoft will always be the company to rely on for the finest localizations available.